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The Italian Kitchen Lake Country  and Mark Kemper, VP Pretium Construction and Maintenance are pleased to release a sneak peak at the new sign for THE ITALIAN KITCHEN LAKE COUNTRY (formerly Ricardo’s ). 
Mark Kemper who is well known both in the OKANAGAN and in the Los Angeles area for his unique style of woodwork now heads the new division along with Willy Reiten a long time resident of Vernon BC.  Reiten was at the glass plant in Lavington for 30 years and is well know in Vernon.  
Katie Dahl, a founder and key executive at Pretium in the restaurant group states “Every time Willy or Mark come around the corner everyone just smiles.  They are so nice you just want to give them a hug.  “ 
Dahl further stated 
“This is one of the goals of Pretium Group as we head into 2019 and beyond  - happy people!  Pretium has grown incredibly over the last few years and has more than doubled in size - that is a lot of new people.  The goal is happy people and happy customers in all our businesses.  One of things we tell all our servers at our restaurants is to smile all the time. I have been doing this since I was born and it has worked for me. I always smile and most people smile right back at me - it’s a wonderful thing. Well, Mark and Willy always smile so we made a new division just for them!  They handle all our maintenance, renovations and even pick up oil and dairy if they have to! They are just awesome. They are very busy boys. “ 
Pretium Construction and Maintenance can handle any job big or small. The resume and experience of Kemper and Reiten is very deep.  Good luck trying to get them as they are busy - Pretium runs 7 days a week.  
Reiten stated “We work all day and all night. That is just the way it is.  But we all love it.  All the top folks at Pretium are fun and happy.  The group is getting picky about that.  If you're not happy you won’t give great service. And if you don’t give great service you won’t be around long. “ 
The new sign is a labour of love for Kemper and you can bet Reiten will be on hand making sure to gets hung up properly.  
Mark said “As soon as we bought Lake Country, Willy and Im were there the same day.  We have big plans for this location.   Come take a look and see what we have done!” 
So make the your goal for 2019. SMILE. 
Dahls final words with a wink as she had to go seat some customers and she turned to greet them at the doors of The Italian kitchen with a big smile:
“It is not hard to smile everyday. Life is great. “