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Katie Dahl is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Rudduck within the group.  Andrew will be joining Pretium Restaurant group from The Warehouse Group in Vancouver where he has resided for a number of years. 

The Warehouse Group 

From its origin in Vancouver’s entertainment district, The Warehouse Group has established itself as one Canada’s most popular restaurants for its tasty food, refreshing drinks, energetic staff, and electric atmosphere. 

Whether you are interested in a quick lunch, pregame drink, or a night on the town with friends, The Warehouse Group has got you covered. Boasting a menu where every item costs just  $5.95, the Warehouse Group culinary team provides quality food to our patrons without making a dent in their wallets. Ranging from mouth-watering burgers, to signature soft tacos and delicious, healthy salads, the menu is a hit with customers for its variety, portion-size, and most importantly, taste.

Located in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec the Warehouse Group has been embraced by the communities it serves and looks forward to continued growth throughout the country and beyond.  

Dahl stated : 

"Our mission statement is simple at The Italian Kitchen company: "At The Italian Kitchen all team members have a passion to serve and a sincere desire to please every guest every time with awesome food and service." 
Andrew Ruddock has proven himself as a leader in the industry and The Italian Kitchen is excited to have him join the team. 
When we were in early discussions with Andrew it was clear that he had all the ingredients we look for in new people:  Integrity , intelligence and energy." 

Andrew Ruddock stated:     

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to join The Pretium Group and The Italian Kitchen.
I have been in the hospitality industry my whole life starting at a young age when my family owned a
restaurant. Most recently I am coming from the warehouse group in Vancouver which has kept me quite busy.
Being part of a great community is important to me which makes me look brightly at my future in Vernon.
I am very excited for this new change of pace in my life, and I look forward to building a great relationship with
everyone on my team"

For further details: 
Sherman Dahl
Pretium Group

Cell 250 558 8340 
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